I’ve made a milestone when recently my blog attained 100 followers.

Thank you to everyone who has deemed this blog follow-worthy. I had no idea what the reception to my blog would be like. In my imagination there were no likes, no comments, no follows, just flat-lining. Certainly, I am no overnight success but I am grateful for those who follow, like and comment.

Many posters regularly comment and I appreciate getting to know other bloggers, their stories and perspectives.

I appreciate the blogging community, the one I’ve experienced as very respectful, compassionate and kind.

As this blog has evolved over a short history I’ve begun experimenting with poems, creative writing as well as discussing my own mental illness. If you have constructive feedback, I’d love to hear – and I know that in your constructive criticisms you’ll treat me gently!

I’m also looking to include others who would like to share their stories of health crises that are consistent with the tone of this blog – honest but also constructive and self-affirming at some level. If you would like to let me know your story, contact me on sarahquell1970@gmail.com.

So I invite those interested to provide: a name you would like to be referred to as, a picture, and between 500-1000 words. I might do some slight editing to fit it into the blog, but I’d ask you before publishing.

I enjoy blogging. Writing about my mental health is cathartic, especially thanks to all the kind and welcoming support I’ve received from those who follow my blog.

Thank you for allowing me this space and I hope I give a little something back as well.

Warm wishes, Sarah.