Summers are visits to the beach,
Icy cold drinks and ice cream,
Sweltering through suffocating night-time heat,
Fans whirring, working overtime,
Cicadas and frogs loud and confident,
New Year’s bubbly.

Summer is loss and promise.

Saying goodbye to an oasis,
The sparkling pool,
The family home,
A flowery grave for a four-legged family member,
The mango tree, tree ferns and rock orchids.


A past love,
That trip together,
Promised hearts,
Desire and yearning,

Dad’s painful, drawn-out death,
The forever silent mantle.

A new life,
In my belly,
In my arms,
Now jumping, dancing, laughing.

Summer is welcoming the future
With trepidation,
Resolutions tentative,
Enrolled in courses,
Outlines of goals,
Of drafting universes of possibilities.

As we reach forward,
We look back,
Travelling worthy of a Time Lord.