Harmony Day is 21st March in Australia and celebrates unity in diversity. As the world goes mad let us wear orange and show our refusal to believe in codswallop.

My dad came to Australia in 1950.

“He’ll have a knife in his sock,” mum was warned.

And of course a few decades later pizza and spaghetti became as familiar as pie and chips. If you’re Australian and are neither related to someone with an Italian heritage nor friends with someone from an Italian background – you must be in the minority, mate! 😉

But seriously, Italians went from being dagos to household names: Natalie Ambruglia, The Veronica’s, Anthony LaPaglia, Paul Mercurio, Vince Sorrento, Emma Alberici, Paul Buongiorno, Anthony Albanese, Richard Di Natalie, Ron Barassi, John Allison, Mark Bresciano.

Let’s continue to welcome newcomers who come to our shores. Give them a similar chance as my dad to enjoy our lifestyle so that they can contribute and be at home here.