While it’s probably false hope, I’m hoping the vet has made a mistake. Could it be Blackie is OK? She did say, because of the position of the lump in his leg, she’d give the same prognosis even if it wasn’t malignant.

Realistically he’s 13, he’s generally slowing up, he’s usually reluctant to get into the car these days.

And yet he seems so well and energetic. I can’t believe he’s dying. I saw a different vet this time, as Jen was away, and she too was impressed by this interest and liveliness. So was Jen last time. I’ll see her again in a month.

He loves his trips to the beach, catching up with his mates, having a swim, rolling his wet body in the sand, welcoming me and Gracie home, sleeping in my bed at the end of the day.

Given 3 to 6 months to live, it’s now 5 months. Maybe I’ve got him longer than expected.

Sure going to enjoy this extra time.