The thunderstorm has finally arrived. It’s been promising for hours. Rain. Cool thick droplets. Penetrating the hot baked soil.

While this storm promises a cool break from 40 degrees Celsius heat, the storm begun worldwide promises chaos.

This storm has been building many years.

It all started when a little man with bushy eyebrows became Prime Minister of Australia in 1996. It was acts acts of indifference and intolerance to fellow humans – those of a different colour and language, those seeking asylum and refugees. We accepted inhumanity and allowed the violation of human rights conventions.

The United States and the United Kingdom have also had the four horsemen of the apocalypse visit. They speak of our spirit as well as our material reality.

We could have heeded and halted their progress. Now it has eventuated.

We created the “Other”. We feared the Other. We spurned the Other.

Always mythological, always creating fear and revulsion. But now we are the Other. The one who supports torture, who places the helpless in harms way, who hate the less fortunate.

My heart bleeds for it is not concrete. Once when I was paranoid I believed I was responsible for John Howard’s re-election. All because I had spoken the rumours of his affair. Who cares about an affair? What about the lives he has ruined? The evil pathway he opened that subsequent politicians on both sides have paved and extended, most of us willing trod down.

How do these politicians sleep at night? How come their bible doesn’t catch on fire.

Labelling Donald Trump a madman does not explain this neo-fascism spanning continents with its beginnings well before Trump.

John Howard and Tony Abbott have not been labelled mad – nor the people who continued to elect them.

I am a madwoman but no one believed my delusions. Trump was brought to power by a very media savvy, politically and economically powerful group of people who drove his presidential campaign. Are they mad too? Are the voters who gave him the vote mad? He never presented himself as anything other than he is.

Can we only understand abhorrence as madness? Does it absolve our responsibility to this eventuation.

Maybe there is madness in the mix but that alone lacks substantial political commentary about how this person could become President of United States.

We bleeding heart lefties will weather this. We will bring us back from the end of the world.

Love, kindness, true beauty and above all humanity, will win out. It has to.