Daily Picture Prompt 53: Write a poem or story using this picture.

There was a hum in the market as people interacted. One of the sellers was yelling “Best tomatoes in the market here, only….”.

For many, these are familiar and reassuring sounds.

The noises frightened Lucy, sounding shrill and chilling.

She felt confused. Wasn’t she meant to meet Jason here? Where could he be? Why did people smile and shop?

There was murder about.

She just wanted Jason to explain and help her. Her breathing was shallow and rapid as she searched. She turned from the fruit and veg sellers to the fishmongers and the sour smell made her tongue cling to the roof of her mouth.

Was that him?

He smiled warmly at her. Then he noticed her anxious look. Inwardly he felt crestfallen. His face fell.  He realised she had noticed, no doubt thinking he was some kind of monster in her acute state of mind that she must be in.

She ran in the other direction.

“Not again,” he thought inwardly as he ploughed through the late night shopping crowds, desperate to catch up with his sick love. To reassure her, if she would let him.