(Imagine this with a dodgy rap beat.)

Laughter is a good therapy,
I agree.
Laughter at yourself and your predicament,
Anomalies and comparing to social environment,
Breaking down the anger and insecurities I feel.

But it’d be nice to snuggle close,
To parent,
To socialise,
To cook,
To holiday,

World’s apart,
Headspaces so far apart,
What am I thinking?

Conventionality, although never benefitted me,
I have to abide,
My baby I need to abide for,
My heart’s crying for…
But there must be no body there for me.

But I strive this life by myself,
Carrying my daughter on my shoulders by myself,
This is what it looks like, the rent, the bills, the pills,
petrol, kids clothes, and food and all,
While you swan by in your Armani suits and all.

I feel deprived yet I’m lucky, but look how we could have lived
If you didn’t dump me then.
Loved you so much.
Had your child,
But you up and left.

But I’m makin’it,
Makin’ it,
Makin’ it,
Makin’ it,

But if I thought you’d notice,
I’d be wrong.

This is me.
This is mine.
I’ll wear it.
This is my time!