Staring outside, other grey buildings and the carpark, monopolised the view.

‘My life.’

Cars left, curtains drawn in office blocks. Usually she stayed.

Tonight was different. She had a date.

She drove with excitement. Would he be excited to see her again, have expectations of a life together? This was commitment. Forever.

You don’t rush into something like this. She had taken her time. She felt so much. He seemed eager.

What if it went wrong? She was a financial manager. What did she know of long-term relationships?Did she have the time? She had thought of that: use up her accrued leave and then retirement.

Her friends were dying to meet him. They were delighted she’d found happiness. Many of them had taken the step earlier. That’s why she had contemplated this new life.

‘Yes, it’s difficult, but they make it worth it.’

‘Oh yes, Cynthia, really, you must!’

She flung her concerns away. Love erupted as she saw Rover, his tail wagging madly. He jumped at her legs.

Together they left the animal shelter, Cynthia feeling proud and in love. Rover strutted confidently, sporting a new trendy lead, a look undone by his ruffled and mutty appearance.

This story was part of Sunday Photo Fiction – January 22 2017. The idea is to write a story with the photo as a prompt in around 200 words. I wrote exactly 200 words. I’m trying to upload the photo, but isn’t working for now. This was run on inlinkz but I’m having difficulty linking to site. I’ll try again with a fresh head tomorrow.