As a rule, I’m against New Year Resolutions. They can set you up for failure. But on New Year’s Eve, a friend asked what my plans were for the New Year. I listed off what was on my calendar.

“Oh,” he said, “I meant more what you wanted to achieve during 2017.”

I looked at the girls slurping their melting ice creams and guiltily acknowledged to myself I knew what he had meant. But the thing is when all your dreams have been crushed and your life ruined when you’ve lost all trust in your own brain and your ability to complete what you set you, making goals, goals that “normal” people make, is an enormous step.

Yet I had made tentative goals around my blog, social media and writing. I’ve been Sarah Quell for about four months and have over 660 followers on twitter, over 70 followers on my blog, and I’ve just been game to join Instagram and may consider re-starting an FB account.

Importantly I’ve met some wonderfully interesting people with their own amazing stories who inspire me.

Although I’m no overnight sensation, I imagined no one reading me. Basically, I could finish now, satisfied with what I’ve achieved.

But I won’t, because I’m addicted. I love writing. I like likes. I love this online community that “gets” mental health. So many people don’t – even when they think they do.

This is Gracie’s last year before school and so I am giving this year to focus on writing, doing writing courses, increasing followers, likes, comments, and engagements, submitting to competitions.

For Geoff, this little goal I’ve set myself was not enough. Of course, he is right, physical health is important for a healthy mind. I am overweight and do little exercise.

Geoff and his wife, Sasha, have set me the challenge to join them monthly at Parkrun. As I understand it, it is a friendly social exercise that does not necessarily involve running (although Geoff pointed me in the direction of apps that get you to do just that!)

It’s an international organisation and you can find out more about it here.

I like the social aspect of the exercise, the fact Gracie can be involved, the positive affirmations as you reach goals and targets. I’m not so sure an 8 am run on a Saturday is as appealing. But meeting up with my inspiring friends certainly is an incentive.

So my goal is simply to give this a try and see what happens.

Other goals I have:
• Meditating daily (at the moment I’m using an app to do this)
• Cutting portion sizes (again using an app for that)

I have no doubt that my tablets are responsible for my hunger and weight gain. However I’ve taken weight off before, I can do it again.

Over the year I’ll make progress reports so you can see if the enthusiasm lasts!

If you have goals for the New Year I wish you well and would love to hear about them.